5 Fashion Photography Tips

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Fashion photography is one of better paid genres of photography. And definitely the most glamorous. Most of the time, budding fashion photographers are put down more times than they’re picked up in the fashion industry. But you’ll be given a chance if you have a great talent and a unique eye for style. So here are some fashion photography tips that may help beginners out there:

Be prepared

Don’t start your shoot without having a solid idea of what you want to achieve. Walking on to a set with no clear picture of what you want to happen is a waste of time. And money, too. Costs run at every tick of the clock. So you must be very prepared. In fact, it really helps sometimes to over prepare.

Be the captain of the ship

Fashion photography is a team effort. You need to work with models, makeup artists, hair stylists, and set designers. Be open to ideas and suggestions. But take charge. Don’t let anyone take over your vision. It can be a disaster if you do. Photography is telling a story. And like writers, photographers need to execute the story very smoothly for the audience to understand what they’re really trying to say.

Move and shoot

Experiment from all possible angles when shooting. Shoot and move. Move more. Shoot and move. You have to find the perfect shot. Don’t wait it to come to you. You also have to be a director. While some models don’t need much direction, don’t lose sight of your direction. Again, create and don’t wait for the best shot.

Bend the rules

The saying, rules are meant to be broken, holds true in fashion photography. After all, fashion is all about experimenting and making a trend. Experiment with the elements of photography. It’s okay if the lighting isn’t perfectly flattering or if the framing doesn’t direct attention to the subject. Just make sure that you’re consistent all throughout.

Be confident

So what if Vogue hires you to take photos of Giselle Bundchen? Believe in yourself and your talent. Don’t be afraid to make some mistakes. Screwing up is part of fashion photography. But it’s okay. Just learn from your mistakes.

You may not become world famous, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Just believe in yourself. Love your work. Be confident. Make realistic goals and do something to achieve them.

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